Walk your dog

Beyond being a simple walk, going out to exercise with your dog is a time when you can teach it many other things. As you know, my favorite breed is Boxer dogs, so I’ll focus on them.

This breed should go out for exercise for at least 1 hour a day to keep them active. When you do, accustom your dog to wearing the leash and to follow your footsteps. At first, it may cost a little, but after a while, your dog will get used to it. When it’s hyperactive, which is normal in this breed, this process serves to train them and make them behave.

As I was commenting, going for a walk represents an opportunity to train and educate it. One of the things that your dog should learn is to do their needs on the street, especially when living in apartments or small houses. If you make this a routine, your dog will know when to do its needs. This avoids bad smells at home.

An important point that we must touch is that the boxer dogs are playful dogs and need to drain their energy, therefore, they are not naturally sedentary. They need to be on the move, otherwise, they will start making disasters at home. If it exercises, it will be sleepy and it will want to take a nap.

When you go out to exercise with your dog, you avoid it getting obese, perhaps this is one of the most important points. This breed usually climbs very easy weight and it needs to burn calories. When they are adult dogs, they will have fewer problems.