Wooden furniture and dogs

As a good lover of boxer dogs and wooden furniture, today I have to give you some tips to take care of your furniture and your dog. Having large animals indoors is no easy task, but not impossible. It’s all about having balance and teaching your dog how to behave. It’s as if you would teach your child not to urinate in the room, that it should be done in the bathroom, privately.

Before I start, I want to explain to you that you should not hit it, its behavior is going to be what you teach it and if you never do, then it will not understand that it is doing wrong. If you hit it, you’ll make it try to run away.

Dogs are able to understand situations by teaching them how these situations should work. Therefore, you must educate them since they are puppies so that when they grow, accidents do not occur.

I have already mentioned before that the Boxer dogs are very playful and they may be curious when they are alone at home. Ideally, you should have a garden to let them play outside, but if not, you should teach them since they are puppies that they can’t bite or tear things up. If that behavior persists, and if you are going to leave for a short time, then you can leave them tied with their chain, just for a short time.

In my house, I don’t have a very large garden and sometimes, when it rains, I have to leave my dog indoors. Some time ago I had bought a Chesterfield sofa and when I returned home my dog had shredded it. As I explained, I didn’t run to hit it, it would not understand. I simply went, pointed to the sofa and told my dog, with authority, that it should not do it and I scolded it. One thing to keep in mind is that you can not reward it with cookies at the moment, or play with it because they will understand that they did well.

If your problem is that they go up to your furniture and you don’t want to, then you must indicate them with authority, every time they are there, that they should get off. In a while, they will understand. At first, it may cost them to understand, but at some point, they will. Don’t worry.

If at any time it urinates your furniture, don’t clean it with disinfectant. When they urine is to mark territory and if you clean with some other smell, then they will believe that another dog urinates. To clean you can mix vinegar with baking soda, the smell will disappear soon.