16 curiosities of your boxer dog

I was researching on the Internet about boxer dogs, which are my favorite, and I found many curious things that I want to tell you. I made a list of 16 interesting things that you should know if you have one as a pet.

  • Its name derives from “boxl” or “boxel”, which means mongrel dog.
  • It’s a race created between the crossing of Mastin Bullembeisser and the Bulldog.
  • It’s a race created in laboratories.
  • Not a naturally violent dog.
  • It’s one of the most popular breeds in the world.

  • Despite being a large dog and looking like a defending dog, it’s actually a companion dog as it is joyful, playful and funny.

  • They love to sleep with their masters.
  • When they are alone they can be more disastrous. When they feel lonely they look for things to play.
  • It’s a quiet dog, but when faced with an adversary, it can be dangerous.
  • They are dogs of little maintenance. You can bathe it once a month.

  • It’s not common, but there are white boxer dogs. When they were created, they decided to eliminate this color for security reasons, since they worked as policemen. They hoped that over time the color would disappear, but it never happened.

  • You should know that if you have a white boxer it’s normal to have health problems, it’s something of the breed.
  • They are called “boxer” because when they fight they use both front legs, like a boxer.
  • Despite their size, they can be inside the house.
  • When they are elderly, they can also defend their masters.
  • They are curious by nature.