How to care for your boxer

The boxer is one of the most balanced races, contrary to what is believed. It’s a German breed that’s currently used as a defense dog, but only when the occasion requires it. They are also affectionate, familiar and are usually very attached to their owners and children.

That’s why today I’ll comment on 5 things that you must take into consideration to take care of them and live in harmony with this race.

  1. Make it socialize: this race, by its instincts, is distrustful. So make your dog accustomed to being surrounded by people. When it grows up it will be less distrustful and you can avoid any accidents.

  1. Take time: as I told you, this pet is very affectionate, so it’s important that you keep it in mind. You can take it for a walk, play 1 hour in the garden… The important thing is that you spend time with your dog, that way it will feel loved.

  1. It should eat well: If you exceed the portions your dog can get too fat, in addition, usually suffer cardiac problems. That’s why I recommend a balanced diet from the moment it gets home. You must feed it with the portions of food that correspond to it according to its age.

  1. Attention: they are a disorderly race, so you must pay attention to it. They are often distracted and don’t see cars, fall from high places and they can eat small items.

  1. The basics: you should treat it fondly, but you must also be firm. The time to educate it is when is a puppy. Don’t let it do things you are not willing to accept later because they will grow up with that habit.